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You can use the SEO audit tool below, to see how optimised your website is, for a particular search term.

You will receive a detailed report in PDF format, via email, showing you how optimised your website is, and what you need to do to achieve better results in the search engine’s organic results.

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What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a detailed website analysis of page factors that optimise or hinder Google’s ability to index properly for page ranking.

If your site is unable to be accurately understood and indexed by Google, individual website pages will not be high ranked when search results are displayed to potential customers.

It is ‘best practice’ for an SEO analysis to be carried out at regular intervals to sustain page ranking and visibility.

Why audit a website?

Updates can have a significant impact on a website that is not up to date or follows poor practice.

Free SEO Website Audit

Onyamarks’s free website analysis tool is designed to provide a detailed overview and audit of important site factors that impact your website’s Google rankings.

The site evaluation criteria in the audit tool is carefully overseen by our experienced SEO team members.

Providing up to date analysis and identifying issues is a critical part of the audit process.

It’s equally important to understand your business and identify present and ongoing customer pain points, motivation, interests and needs.

The free website audit report helps align your website’s performance with the online performance goals of your business.

Free SEO Audit Report with Actionable Insights

A website’s SEO score is a good indicator of how well optimised it is for high visibility in online search results. If you wish to achieve higher ranking and greater exposure for your website in search results, it is essential that your website has a high SEO score.

In just 30 seconds, our free SEO audit tool can analyse your website and give you the SEO score for your site, along with a detailed audit report, containing actionable insights to help improve your website’s performance in online search. The insights are simple to understand and easy to act upon.

Why SEO analysis is important?

The SEO audit tool is designed to provide insight into on-page technical issues affecting how your entire website performs.

An SEO audit report can also be used to:

Take your site performance to the next level

Is your site currently on Google page one for your main keywords, and achieving good results?

You could take your site performance to the next level. An SEO analysis can be used to create a strategy aimed at achieving multiple listings on the first page of Google.

Obtaining 2 or 3 listings on the first page can attract considerably more attention, compared to a single listing. Also, some of your competitors’ sites are forced downwards to the 2nd page of organic rankings.

You can also optimise for a wider range of keywords to expand organic exposure. Site visibility is given a turbo charge to attract a greater number of targeted visitors.

How can my free SEO audit report help me?

After receiving your free website SEO audit report… You can start optimising your website on your own, right away!

Depending on the level of your technical knowledge and understanding, you can even fix most of the issues listed in the report yourself, and achieve good results for your website in Google’s organic search results.

However, we know and fully understand that most business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to simply focus on running their business rather than spending time fixing SEO issues on their websites.

That’s why we’re here to help!

If you decide to work with a professional SEO company to optimise your website, we will be happy to provide you with expert SEO service and support.

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